First Austin show in 17 years: Edie Brickell & New Bohemians playing #harveycantmesswithtexas at the Erwin Center.

Edie and the NewBos. Honored they are part of our Arlyn family.

Charlie Sexton, nominated for an Americana award, is an Austin MVP | Austin Music Source


The Americana Awards show is Wednesday evening in Nashville, and unlike some years when there's a fair bit of Austin representation among the nominees, this time our only local in the mix is Charlie Sexton, who's up for Instrumentalist of the Year. The AMAs often lean toward their Nashville home fol...

Well said Peter Blackstock. We are all so lucky to have Charlie Sexton in our family


I’m whatever comes after super-excited about the just-announced Harvey Can’t Mess With Texas: A Benefit Concert for Hurricane Harvey Relief at the Frank Erwin Center Friday 9/22. Kristyn Ciani pulled together a crazy lineup that wouldn’t be possible if Willie didn’t do what Willie always does- volunteer to headline. The tickets are fairly priced and you can be there for just $30. And musical director Charlie Sexton is planning some truly remarkable collaborations. It’s also the biggest Texas relief concert in Texas and should raise a crazy amount of money. I’ve been a small part of a small team organizing it, watching up-close the heavy-lifting from the folks at C3 Presents and GSD&M- both of which went all-in with all services completely donated. Add the City Of Austin, Texas Music Office, TEGNA (who will carry an hour of it live as a telethon on 11 stations across the state), Google (who’s throwing down a 500k match) and UT/The Erwin Center and it’s kind of a dream team. I’ve already learned a ridiculous amount from these people about staging a giant show (on a stupidly urgent, but unavoidably tight, timeline), but mostly about what happens when people pull together to do something big/charitable, completely checking ego/greed at the door. Sorry, not sorry, for the next 10 days I spend on here blabbing about this show. I hope you’ll buy a ticket. They're onsale at 3pm: https://www.rebuildtx.org/



JUST ANNOUNCED & ON SALE THIS FRIDAY AT 10AM! THREE NIGHTS of Los Lonely Boys at Antone's November 16-18! Night 1: http://ticketf.ly/2vJPnsH Night 2: http://ticketf.ly/2vJGiAf Night 3: http://ticketf.ly/2vJH7Jm

The Mastersons

We've lost our close friend and long time collaborator, George Reiff, who co-produced our latest record, Transient Lullaby. He could stitch a song together with a bass line that could inspire entire symphonies and was a great arranger and producer. (There's even a song on our record inspired by one of his bass lines and Daniel Lanois once stopped a show to announce that the security guard at a show was harassing "one of the best bass players in the world"). He was the same kind of friend, salt of the earth and so generous and kind. What a gift it has been to be his friend and make music together. This one is going to hurt for a lot of people, for a very long time. There's so much more to say. We wish you were here George, having a cup of coffee with us this morning. We'll carry you with us forever and see you on the other side, Maestro.

Steve Earle

Steve Earle & The Dukes are excited to announce their new album “So You Wannabe An Outlaw” available June 16th. Pre order at the link below and stream “Lookin' For A Woman”. Pre-Order the full album here: https://wbr.ec/sywbao_amzn Stream “Lookin' For A Woman” here: https://wbr.ec/lookinforawoman

Hell yeah

The Black Angels

Our new album comes out on April 21st but thanks to NPR Music's First Listen Death Song is streaming now! http://n.pr/2o9lyuW Pre-Order Death Song Here: http://bit.ly/_TBA

We are SO PROUD and SO EXCITED about this record! Keep your eyes and ears peeled. 🤘🏼

Happiest of birthdays to our fearless leader, best friend, good cop/bad cop (depending on what we need), capacity countin', baby callin', Tito drinkin', music lovin' mama. Pink drinks all around when you get back into town. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ (there's 7 😉)

Carson McHone

Our performance at Arlyn Studios for Other Voices: Austin Special was broadcast in Ireland on RTÉ2 yesterday, below is a short clip of "Dram Shop Gal". International distribution for the show is still being negotiated, but hopefully it will air in the states soon, and hopefully we'll be able to make a trip to Ireland at some point too! Thanks again to Arlyn and Other Voices for having us.


#Repost @jackingram (@get_repost) ・・・ Step 1: Get some songs // Step 2: Get a band of BADASSES // Step 3: Don't think too hard!! DAY 3 in the studio TODAY!! @arlynstudios

Newest addition to our @arlynstudios family... Y'all come on over and have some popcorn with us! Thank you "Gigi", Tiff, Fred and @jacobsciba @tomasjosesalas

Happiest of birthdays to our fearless leader, best friend, good cop/bad cop (depending on what we need), capacity countin', baby callin', Tito drinkin', music lovin' mama. Pink drinks all around when you get back into town. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ (there's 7 😉)

#Repost @wreckroom ・・・ Austin, we're back. Join us for three days of music, hosted bars, and more at @ArlynStudios. RSVP for your FREE ticket via the link in our bio.

#Repost @wreckroom ・・・ Austin, we're back. Join us for three days of music, hosted bars, and more at @ArlynStudios. RSVP for your FREE ticket via the link in our bio.

#Repost @wreckroom ・・・ Austin, we're back. Join us for three days of music, hosted bars, and more at @ArlynStudios. RSVP for your FREE ticket via the link in our bio.

#Repost from @9bandedwhiskey. This is where the magic has happened since 1984. This little room right here. Every corner is covered with flyers and records and little memories of all the music of Austin and beyond. Willie Nelson, Neil Young, Ray Charles and way too many legends to count..

Arlyn wins best recording studio in Austin at the Austin Chronicle's Austin Music Industry Awards. Thanks to everyone who voted! And special thanks to Charlie Sexton for presenting the award.

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Other Voices, Ireland’s premier music series, is proud to announce the launch of Other Voices Austin; a three-day music celebration consummating the long distance love affair between Other Voices and the Lone Star State. Other Voices Austin will take place at our very own Arlyn Studios October 7-9, 2016.

Other Voices Austin will bring together a diverse and star-studded roster of talent from around the globe, capturing an array of intimate performances and exclusive interviews over three days in October.

The partnership demonstrates the illustrious histories of both Arlyn and Other Voices. Other Voices has showcased a wide-ranging array of talent, attracting such influential artists as Ellie Goulding, Amy Winehouse, Elbow, The National, Ryan Adams, Damien Rice, Snow Patrol, and more.

Some incredible songs have been sung at Arlyn Studios and Other Voices looks forward with great excitement to bringing music from Ireland to Texas and to play, dance and sing with some of the world’s greatest artists. Other Voices hopes its Austin adventure will reap a dividend too for Irish tourism and draw new global attention for the Wild Atlantic Way, with the Other Voices Festival of Dingle being a key ingredient each December.

Making the announcement today, Philip King the founder of Other Voices said:

“To head to Austin, Texas has been a life long dream. When we made Bringing It All Back Home 25 years ago we never got west of the Mississippi…I have been dreaming about Texas since. When I think of Texas, I think of music; the blues of Lightnin’ Hopkins, Buddy Holly, Texas Swing, Kitty Wells, Towns Van Zant, Guy Clark and all of it shot through with “A Lone Star State of Mind”. Other Voices has a great affinity with that spirit…. one that is intact in Austin and that lives in the iconic Arlyn Studios, which will be our home this October. It’s a real delight to accept an invitation to Austin from the passionate and wonderful team at Arlyn. We have great empathy with their work and with their achievements. Freddy Fletcher is a hugely significant figure in music and in music television and himself and his partner Graham have put a real welcome on the mat for us."

Mr Freddy Fletcher of Arlyn Studios said the coalition of Other Voices with Austin will open a new chapter in the musical encyclopedia.

"It is an honor to play a part in bringing such an iconic music series to Austin. Other Voices' rich history complements the vibrant spirit of our city, and we look forward to coming together in our shared passion for music to continue creating meaningful content."

We’re beyond thrilled to be hosting this Texas extension of such an iconic festival and look forward to the event in October.

Check out more on Other Voices at their website, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. Some of our favorite Other Voices gems are The National, Shakey Graves, Hozier and hearing Ireland’s own Glen Hansard (The Frames) speak about Other Voices.